Text Messaging to Customers

Customers can be reached via text messages sent to their registered mobile number.  The text messages can be broadly classified as below Promotional Transactional Promotional: Marketing messages or campaigns like season sale, offers, discount coupons etc can be sent to customers via text messages. These messages are sent during the daytime (i.e 9 AM – 6 …

January 14, 2018CRM , Marketing , Microsoft Dynamics365

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Robotic Process Automation in Email marketing

Let’s go through a very basic example for Robotic Process Automation(RPA) implementation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement using Click Dimensions Email Marketing Automation. For advanced email drip marketing and email campaign automation scenarios, please schedule a free consultation with us by clicking here. Scenario The marketing team of a company has a list of …

October 14, 2017Click Dimensions , CRM , Email Marketing , Microsoft Dynamics365

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