Actionable Task in each Email

June 21, 2019CRM , Customer Service , Microsoft Dynamics365 , Zoho

We strongly believe that almost every email received contains vital information or conveys a message prompting us to take actions or perform a task. In very few cases (like an automated birthday greeting or anniversary wishes), the email is purely informational and doesn’t result in an actionable task. In a business context, after reading an …

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Enforcing UID Number in CRM like Aadhaar, SSN, NI No, & CRN

November 26, 2017CRM , Customer Service , Uncategorized

Why Unique Identification Number (UID)? The Regulatory & Legal departments of Governments across the globe in certain circumstances, enforce the use of their National Identity Number in Information Systems of businesses. Enforcing these numbers in CRM helps in avoiding duplicate contact records in CRM and search customers easily. Listing below some identity numbers used across …

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Smart Communications to Customers

October 30, 2017CRM , Customer Service , Microsoft Dynamics365

This blog post highlights how businesses could communicate with its customers smartly. Two real-life incidents shared below, shows the importance of optimizing the volume of letters/phone calls triggered by businesses, reduce cost and avoid waste. Multiple letters An insurance company had to communicate to its customers about a merger with another entity. A scanned copy of …

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