Actionable Task in each Email

We strongly believe that almost every email received contains vital information or conveys a message prompting us to take actions or perform a task. In very few cases (like an automated birthday greeting or anniversary wishes), the email is purely informational and doesn’t result in an actionable task.

In a business context, after reading an email, we recommend the recipient to identify To Dos or Tasks. Most CRM systems allow tracking an email into the CRM from a mailbox and convert the email into a Lead (potential customer) or Opportunity (potential business from existing customers) or Case (i.e. Service/Support Request or Inquiry or Issue or Compliant). After the Lead or Opportunity or Case is in the CRM system, it can be assigned to a Sales Person’s or Account Manger’s or Subject Matter Expert’s queue for further processing. A deadline or Due Date can be set as per the organisation’s Service Level Agreements (SLA). This helps the business to provide great customer experience and ensures that the emails don’t fall through the crack or miss the attention.

If you are not using a CRM yet, then this is a good starting point to explore the various CRM products available in the market. Until you make a CRM platform decision, please create a Task or Event in the Calendar within your current mailbox (all popular email service providers like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc provide this feature).

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