Text Messaging to Customers

Customers can be reached via text messages sent to their registered mobile number.  The text messages can be broadly classified as below

  1. Promotional
  2. Transactional

Promotional: Marketing messages or campaigns like season sale, offers, discount coupons etc can be sent to customers via text messages. These messages are sent during the daytime (i.e 9 AM – 6 PM), only if the customer hasn’t registered with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ registry.

Transactional: These messages are sent in situations like mobile number verification, bank deposit/withdrawal, stock trading, profile updates, service request updates, invoice payment reminders, subscription charges, shipment/delivery update, survey form link, or sending a one-time password etc. These messages could be initiated and sent to the customer round the clock, hence a consent needs to be obtained during the signup or customer registration.

In India, TRAI regulations permit transactional messages to be sent & delivered to a mobile number even if the mobile number is listed in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ registry.

Let’s now look at the Microsoft Dynamics365 side of things.
As per the country, the contact’s mobile number has to be saved in the country-specific format.
For Example: XXX-XXX-XXXX (For US), XXXXX-XXXXX (For India)
A text messaging solution can be purchased from an ISV like Click Dimensions. The right text messaging service provider has to be chosen based on country/location.

The following screenshot is taken from the Text Messaging solution offered by DU IT Consulting for India customers. A ‘Text Message’ activity entity is leveraged to store and send text messages from a Contact record as shown below. The Bulk SMS field is customized and displayed under ‘Contact Preference’ for disallowing ‘Promotional’ text messaging if indicated by the customer.

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