Send email reminders for meetings or events

This blog post showcases a simple workflow configuration within CRM, that sends out an automatic email reminder to all attendees one hour before the meeting appointment start time.

This email reminder serves the following purpose

  1. Notify attendees about the upcoming meeting
  2. Creates a communication thread for quick conversations between attendees before the meeting start

When the meeting appointments get tracked within CRM using Dynamics365 App for Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics365 CRM platform will enable us to send reminders using workflows. The meeting appointment record in CRM gets created automatically due to Server-Side Synchronization. Tracking meeting appointments within CRM is beyond the scope of this blog post. You can read more tracking Outlook appointment and Server-Side Synchronization concepts here.

The steps within the workflow are as shown above. When setting the properties of the outgoing email, the ‘Required’ and ‘Optional’ attendees are assigned to To and Cc fields using the ‘Form Assistant’ window as shown below.


If the organiser cancels the meeting appointment on Microsoft Outlook, then the workflow gets cancelled because the meeting appointment record in CRM gets deleted. Depending on the business requirement, multiple workflows can be configured to send reminders at different time intervals. For Example One week before or two days before the meeting start date.

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