Smart Communications to Customers

This blog post highlights how businesses could communicate with its customers smartly. Two real-life incidents shared below, shows the importance of optimizing the volume of letters/phone calls triggered by businesses, reduce cost and avoid waste.

Multiple letters

An insurance company had to communicate to its customers about a merger with another entity. A scanned copy of the letter received is shown below. Instead of sending a letter per customer, the company sent a letter per policy. The outcome was four letters were printed, posted and delivered to me with the same static content.


Multiple phone calls

The same insurance company reminded me about three upcoming policy renewal. The interesting point to note is that the policies expire on the same day. Instead of making one phone call per customer to communicate about upcoming policy expirations, three different phone calls were made on the same day by the same calling agent.

The solution is to leverage Information Technology(IT) and apply Customer Relationship Management best practices to avoid redundancy. Hope the post helped drive home the point about smart customer communications. Thanks for your time!

At DU IT Consulting we strive to deliver the best Customer Relationship (CRM) software solutions using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

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