Robotic Process Automation in Email marketing

Let’s go through a very basic example for Robotic Process Automation(RPA) implementation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement using Click Dimensions Email Marketing Automation.
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The marketing team of a company has a list of leads identified for email drip marketing campaign.
The campaign process consists of sending three outbound marketing emails to the list of leads over a few days in intervals of 1 week. The drip email has to stop in either of the below cases
1. Lead expresses interest for product demo or a meeting by clicking on a hyperlink available on the email content
2. Maximum attempts reached
3. Lead unsubscribes

The count of leads in the marketing list is the major factor. It has a multiplying effect on the amount of time, resources and efforts required.
Listing below various challenges in the given scenario, if the campaign is performed manually.
1. Time, resources and effort increases proportionately
2. Stop further drip emails if lead is uninterested and proceeds to unsubscribe from the marketing emails
3. Stop the drip emails if the lead clicks on a hyperlink in the email to express interest
4. Send further drip email if the lead did not respond after awaiting for predetermined time interval

Click Dimensions is an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics365 Customer Engagement that helps us to implement the required RPA. Click Dimensions has several powerful features. Please find the detailed information at Click Dimensions Help.

The following images describe how the automation is triggered when a lead is added to a specific Marketing List within the CRM and the various other components involved.

The order of screenshot as follows
1. Click Dimensions Campaign Automation Configuration Builder
2. First Drip
3. Email Template
4. Link Clicked Configuration – Part 1
5. Link Clicked Configuration – Part 2

Let’s take a look at the number of emails in the best and worst cases to understand the amount of automation for 100 leads
1. Best case – 100 automated outbound emails sent and monitored for clicks
2. Worst case – 300 automated outbound emails sent and monitored for clicks

The automation can be stopped manually for a lead if the lead decides to respond by replying to an email rather than clicking on it.

For advanced email drip marketing and email campaign automation scenarios, please schedule a free consultation with us by clicking here.

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